About Kingdom Family Legacy

The Kingdom Family Legacy Series brings the principles of successful living in practical and memorable teachings in a format perfect for the family.  The overall goal is to prepare the next generation for relationships built on successful principles.


Featured Author: Dana Thompson

Dana serves as an overseer and leader.  In addition to mentoring many in the technical and business enterprise, Dana is also the President of Kingdom Family Legacy, Inc., producer of Community Forum cable broadcast, and Vice President of PTG Technology, a computer training and consulting firm.

"Awakened to My Wife"  is Dana's first book of his Kingdom Family Legacy series. Dana has a passion to see relationships and families excel.  His desire is to prepare the next generation for successful relationships and marriages.


Ladies, you can wear your best hairstyles and outfits, have your eyebrows arched, put on your best perfume, and stand right in front of a man, saying with unspoken beauty, “Here I am! You’d best know your God, and receive this precious gift.” Yet, if he is still in a deep sleep, you will be wasting your time and energy. Until God awakens him, he will not be able to see or receive you as the provision of the Lord.
— Excerpt from the book "Awakened to My Wife"

The Kingdom Family Legacy Series

Book 1: Awakened To My Wife

Many Christian women who desire a godly husband and marriage end up disappointed and disheartened when their methods either fail to win them the man of their dreams or bring them into a marriage that is less than ideal. This should not be surprising in light of the fact that the only "methods" most of them know are the questionable methods of the world. The primary reason for their disappointment, however, lies in their failure to understand the basic truth that is at the heart of this little book: "Unless God awakens a man's need for a helpmate, he will remain unmarried."

Book 2: Covering - Empowering Women

Covering confronts a serious and growing problem in today's church: out-of-order Christians trying to lead and exercise their gifts in the body of Christ without being under legitimate spiritual authority. This is especially true with Christian women. Failed by spiritually immature husbands who do not cover them, as well as by the church, which will not support them, gifted women are left with the choice of either sitting back with their gifts unused or trying to go it alone.

Thank You for Your Love and Support!

Thank You for Your Love and Support!