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The Kingdom Family Legacy Series brings the principles of successful living in practical and memorable teachings in a format perfect for the family.  The overall goal is to prepare the next generation for relationships built on successful principles.


Featured Author: Dana L. Thompson

Dana is well-known as a dynamic speaker and an apostolic leader. In addition to mentoring many in the technical and business enterprise, Dana is also the President of Kingdom Family Legacy, Inc., producer of The Apostolic Forum cable broadcast, and serves as a business consultant in the Information Technology community.

"Awakened to My Wife"  is Dana's first book of his Kingdom Family Legacy series. Dana’s desire is to ignite the FLAMES of Power, Passion and Purpose in relationships, marriages, businesses, communities, and the Church.


Joseph honored his Father, and his family, which eventually brought him to a place of rulership. He even honored his master by refusing to sleep with his wife. Even though Joseph was a prisoner and falsely accused he showed honor to his imprisoners who made him in charge. We see God opened the door in the Spirit to Joseph, he begin to interpret dreams. He was able to interpret the dreams of the butler and the baker that eventually brought him into a place of ruleship. Our rulership on the earth is determined by the ability to produce a culture of honor.
— Excerpt from the book "House of Honor"

The Kingdom Family Legacy Series

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Book 3: House of Honor

We are truly in times of restoration.  And, one aspect of restoration taking place in the House of God, is that of Honor.  A culture of Honor must function in the House of God for the Body of Christ to truly come to a place of maturation.  Honor is an age-old principle practiced in many cultures and religions of the world. Yet, attached to these practices are legalism and false humility.When we discuss honor in the Kingdom, we will discover how this principle has many benefits for the one showing honor.

Book 1: Awakened To My Wife

Many Christian women who desire a godly husband and marriage end up disappointed and disheartened when their methods either fail to win them the man of their dreams or bring them into a marriage that is less than ideal. This should not be surprising in light of the fact that the only "methods" most of them know are the questionable methods of the world. The primary reason for their disappointment, however, lies in their failure to understand the basic truth that is at the heart of this little book: "Unless God awakens a man's need for a helpmate, he will remain unmarried."

Book 2: Covering - Empowering Women

Failed by spiritually immature husbands who do not cover them, as well as by the church, which will not support them, gifted women are left with the choice of either sitting back with their gifts unused or trying to “go it alone”. Healing and freedom comes as a direct result of divine order. Covering is like an umbrella, it protects women from the demonic so they can freely express Christ through their gifts and talents. Covering is motivated by love, and those who experience love from the one who covers them find it easy to “choose” submission.


Book 4: PorNO

Whatever you keep in secret, you give it power over you. The whole purpose of porn is to isolate you. And, it isolates you from those you love the most. Pornography will lead to a reduction in intimacy with your partner, diminished sexual satisfaction and emotional distance. Learn how to overcome porn addiction through the road to intimacy.

Thank You for Your Love and Support!

Thank You for Your Love and Support!